Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Thing 22

I went to the Netlibrary through the library's account and I looked up a few different topics. I think it is pretty cool that with just typing in a key word you can get a variety of books that have the key word in the title. You also get a short description of the book to see if it possibly interests you. I also thought it was cool that instead of reading you could also listen to these books on an MP3 player.

Thing 21

I checked out a few Podcast about cats which had a few interesting stories about people and their animals. I also found other relating pod casts about cats such as what they say when they meow and ones where you can ask questions regarding cats. After I looked through a few pod casts that interested me I put the RSS Feed for the cat pod casts into my bloglines account. I thought this was a pretty interesting way to find information about any subject that you have an interest in and find out what other people have to say as well.

Thing 23

I found this journey through a variety of tasks very beneficial and challenging. I thought many were pretty hard because I'm not that good with computers but worth it because I was able to learn a little more about different subjects within technology and give and opinion. If another discovery program was offered in the future I would most likely do it as well so I can learn a little more. I think a set back from this program would be that some tasks were kinda confusing which made things a little frustrating for me. I feel relieved that I have completed it but I wouldn't have completed with out the help.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Thing 17

I enjoyed making a Wiki. My Wiki was about fat cats and a few little tips that you should know plus my own story. If anyone has a fat cat of their own feel free to read the page or add other helpful tips.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Thing 20

I think youtube is very funny and very entertaining. This time when I went to the site the videos didn't play that well and I really didn't get to watch many because they kept on skipping. Although the videos were skipping this video was the one I like the best, it's called the" kitty cat dance "and it would be worth putting on this blog if I could figure it out. I think that this video is worth it because it is funny and very very cute you have to go see it. I think the funny parts of youtube would be nice in library websites but I wouldn't want it to be to much of a distraction. I know that there are funny videos up on youtube of the library at Staff Day and I think it would be cute if they were up there on library websites because it relates to the library.

Thing 19

I explored the short award winning sites and the main one that I chose was Arcaplay on the category of Games. This site won first place for games. I thought it was cool so I played a few. When I played the games I went into the beginner section and I still lost them all. ^_^ Computer stuff is pretty hard for me even when it is supposed to be easy. I also thought that some of the games were silly. The first one I play was a dog who had to throw bones over a fence and hit a cat. I played the dog and I never got the bones over the fence but I did get hit in the head a few time with a fish. I can see why the site one first place.

Thing 18

For this task I explored and made a Zoho Writer account. I enjoyed making a test document which I mainly used to tell a little about myself for those who do not know. I titled it Test Document: A little about myself. I thought that it was a very nice an helpful tool. I like all the different links you could go to on your account such as the notebook, planner, and chat. I think all of the tools on the Zoho could be very useful. I liked learning about this task because I think it was very interesting.